Brand Story - Katrina Read

OSMEN takes great pride in making sure each detail of our alfresco lifestyle is presented and created with the very best. This extends to our cushions, which are hand-painted and designed by Katrina Read.

Hand painted cushions

Katrina Read, founder and principal of the Katrina Read lifestyle brand, is an Australia designer and illustrator creating beautiful products for residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments, as well as an expansive collection of lifestyle product designs.

Outdoor cushions

She is also the owner of the Australian brand, Arty Hearts. Each cushion in the range has been lovingly hand-illustrated in ink by Katrina, and reproduced as the gorgeous patterns on our OSMEN outdoor cushions.

Katrina fine art

Aside from her work with us, Katrina has over twenty years in the fine arts, trusted with private and corporate clients as well as designers architects. Her premium fine arts collection is hung in top level galleries, banks, five star hotels, and with international private clients.