Brand Story: Talenti

The history of Talenti starts in 2004 with Fabrizio Cameli and his vision for classical, high quality, outdoor furniture. Immediately recognized for his powerful inclination to art, the unique outlook and flavor for Talenti was born. Now boasting eight names to eight designers, Talenti continues to combine their talent for innovation with an affinity for Italian elegance.

Outdoor furniture


Design Philosophy

With a team of eight ingenious designers, Talenti carefully curates their designs with intent to redesign the rules of outdoor living. Their designers must fit three essentials of the Talenti criteria: a great openness of mind, an insatiable curiosity, and a talent out of the ordinary.  

Ludovica roberto palomba lunga

The creation of each Talenti piece stems from the genius of the designers, is passed through the design of elegance through a focus of materials and shapes, and finally materializes out of the effort of their technical department. 


The Italian brand sees their work through the lens that outdoor furniture creates living rooms out of the world’s natural space. Tables and chairs are designed to inspire relaxation and comfort, with accessories designed to elevate the space in a fulfilling and functional way.

Table and chair

Their works are originals, innovative, and passionate. Yet amidst their artistry, Talenti will never allow comfort to be sacrificed for their customers. Talenti sees all aspects of work through with dedication and attention -- exactly the detail and quality that inspired OSMEN to bring their designs to Australia.