Brand Story: AppleBee

Outdoor furniture

AppleBee has been a featured OSMEN brand for around 5 years now. Their designer Sako and his sister Tineke have been passionate about garden furniture since they were young. Having grown up with a father also in outdoor furniture, Sako joined forces with Tineke after completing his studies in interior designs and founded AppleBee.


Design Philosophy


Quality, innovative designs, excellent comfort and durability are the main words in AppleBee’s dictionary. Their outdoor furniture is purely ‘Dutch design’. With their designer Sako Wijma personally designing all collections. Detail is an integral part of Sako’s philosophy and vision.


Taking into account both needs and quality, AppleBee communicates with their suppliers in Asia on a daily basis in order to continually adapt to their clients wishes.

AppleBee designer Sako Wijma

I too usually add subtle details to my designs that enhance the furniture and increase the attractiveness. Hoping that you … will get a good feeling by what you are observing.


AppleBee considers themselves not to be ‘just’ another outdoor furniture-supplier. Instead, they offer leisure through providing customers with the feeling of joy for as long as possible. According to AppleBee, this can only be achieved through innovative quality products that are made using honest materials with a long lifespan.


In-House Production


AppleBee is always committed to using the best materials in combination with timeless design. The wickerwork they apply is produced by ourselves and is exclusively available under the brand name Biculair. The aluminium AppleBee uses is produced themselves and allows their in-house production to be completely independent of suppliers.

AppleBee product