Brand Director's Statement 2023- Michelle Lam

OSMEN’s success and growth is in no small part a testament to the community that surrounds and supports us. The other half of our success comes from a strong focus on brand and product. As a part of OSMEN’s team, you choose to be a part of a community that is relentlessly working on improving ourselves. We are developing an internal website for company communications, continuously refining our sales and management systems, and expanding our online presence.

OSMEN selects the best products, handpicked from Europe by our Managing Director. We curate OSMEN’s collections and bring it back to the Australian community at the best value. OSMEN has already established ourselves in bringing the best of European furniture to Australia, and we pride ourselves on our locally designed Australian cushions. Samples are presented in full collections by the container, going far beyond the industry standard of one or two pieces. Our cushion samples were flown back and forth from manufacturers over a dozen times. It is the reverence of quality and design that lent us so many opportunities during our days as suppliers, and we continue to keep the trust of our retail customers with that work ethic.

We have built a steady base of clients to grow off of, and aim to serve 10,000 clients annually.

Giving back to the community that lifted us up is a huge priority of ours. I have personally served as the Director of the Chatswood Executive Business Lion Club since 2013, and am able to serve this year as the newly appointed President. OSMEN has sponsored the Children’s Cancer Institute for the past few years, and a sponsor for Variety, The Children’s Charity since 2011. We have sponsored the 7NEWS Young Achievers Awards for the past three years, awarding the OSMEN Creative Design Award to incredible upcoming talent from Australia’s youth.

OSMEN’s goal has always been to become Australia’s most recognised outdoor furniture company. We have been leaders in this industry for many years, and have never been stagnant in our growth. Welcome to OSMEN at such an exciting time in our company’s history.