The World of OSMEN


OSMEN’s sleek and modern outlook on Alfresco living complements the pleasantry of Australian lifestyle perfectly. Inspired by life, created for living, OSMEN’s seamless blend of traditional and contemporary transforms breathable materials, European designs, and innovative craftsmanship into timeless components of your ideal lifestyle.

Founded in 2000, we pride ourselves on being the leading Australian outdoor furniture brand. Acknowledged globally as a market leader for outstanding design and exceptional quality, OSMEN continues to bring the best of the world’s outdoor furniture to Australia. Carrying renowned international brands such as Dipahno, Talenti, AppleBee, and Life, we pride ourselves on reforming the scope of Australian outdoor living, and offering this lifestyle to you with our price and value.

We are passionate about excellent workmanship and constant innovation. OSMEN is proud to have raised the bar with our timeless design and craftsmanship. Our exquisite range is crafted meticulously by a team of international designers, who emphasize the importance of design without sacrificing comfort. We are meticulous in inspecting the quality of all our pieces, ensuring each product is made with the finest materials for long-lasting comfort.


OSMEN is acknowledged globally as a market leader of outdoor furniture. Our reputation is built on a heritage of multiple global awards for manufacturing excellence, design, and high quality products.

Our modern designs come directly from the European market, and are freshly
hand picked each season. Our team travels to Milan, Paris, and Cologne, in order to source new collections and inspect the quality on each piece.

Aside from our European suppliers, OSMEN is one of the only companies to fulfil a complete value chain from design and manufacture all the way to retail. We earn high praise in all regards, and was the first to introduce the Hanging Egg Chair and Cantilever Umbrella models to Australia.


Aside from OSMEN’s own accomplishments, our company previously supplied the biggest names in Australian furniture. As the key supplier to Harvey Norman, Domayne, and Freedom, we were the first to bring a collection of balcony furniture from Harvey Norman and Domayne. OSMEN also exports around the world as a key supplier to brands in France and Germany.

As OSMEN started to sell independently, our retail business has expanded to seven stores across New South Wales, with a new addition opening up in Moore Park later this year. 



OSMEN’s products are the culmination of the finest top-quality materials, a relentless pursuit of comfort, and designs that are ahead of the curve. To find out more about why OSMEN tops all Australian outdoor furniture companies, click here.