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King Mist Disinfectant Bomb 250ml


Australian Made, Hospital Strength

Product Contains: Dimethyl Ether (liquefied gases), 4G/L Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Benzyl-C12-16 Alkyl Dimethyl, Chlorides.

Water-based pressurised disinfectant mist bomb: Water-based disinfectant mist: Made without an alcohol base.

Kills Germs, Bacteria, and Viruses

  • Coronavirus SARSCoV-2 (COVID-19)
  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  • Proteus Vulgaris
  • Escherichia Coli
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Aspergillus Brasiliensis
  • Salmonella Choleraesui


King Mist Hospital Grade Disinfectant Bomb is a powerful way to disinfect areas exposed to viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms --including COVID-19! Each canister can be used once to automatically dispense a fine mist of disinfectant particles into the air. The process is simple:


  1. Turn off all ignition sources and clean surfaces to remove any debris.
  2. Remove children, pets, and food from the room.
  3. Shake can well, aim away from face, press trigger and hook catch -- the disinfectant will now spray.
  4. Leave the room for 2 hours while the mist disinfects the space.
  5. Return and enjoy your odour-free, germ-free area!

Use King Mist's 250ml pressurised disinfectant bomb is perfect for sanitising rooms up to 120m^3 in size. Use our Aussie made and formulated disinfectant bomb if:


  • Someone is sick or has just recovered from an illness.
  • You want to thoroughly remove micro-organisms from all surfaces in a room including the hard-to-reach ones like ceilings and shelved items.
  • A room need freshening to remove a stale odour through disinfection.
  • The area has a lot of foot traffic/shared spaces.
  • You simply want to ensure a space is as germ-free as possible.


Product Certification

Australia wide delivery available. 
  • Outside Sydney & metro area, please contact Osmen on (02)96931603 for accurate shipping quote (or) we will contact you after receiving your order.
  • For other regions we have a number of specialist delivery options from freight companies to removalists at very competitive prices.
  • Please contact us if you find the delivery fee is not properly set upon checkout.

Pick Ups
You are welcome to collect your purchase at our main warehouse in Smithfield, Sydney. Just contact us to make a booking.

Organizing your delivery
Following checkout we will promptly contact you to discuss delivery details. We will need to know a little about the site access and parking.

Your items will be delivered by our experienced team members. They are available to assemble your goods and remove all rubbish for an extra fee. please advise if this is required when booking your delivery. This does not apply to products like outdoor bbq unit (Rondo, Elba, Ambience and St. Moritz), wall mounted umbrella and in-ground installed umbrella.

  • Assembly - $50
  • Remove rubbish - $30

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