Bringing Italian Summers to Australia with OSMEN Outdoor Furniture

With restrictions still in place and keeping us from travelling this summer, OSMEN has the perfect solution to bring your favorite vacation spots right into your home.


Featuring collections from premium our Italian supplier Talenti, the distinctive styles of each country are encompassed within its outdoor living style. Redecorate your outdoors and travel Europe vicariously through us.


Outdoor Dining


Italian outdoor living focuses on visions of classical, high quality living with strong inclinations to art.

The coastal region of Puglia in southern Italy, channels the effortless minimalistic energy that we aim to bring to your summer this year. With local homes traditionally made with high ceilings and open wall cut-outs, it epitomizes the quality of structure and form over anything else-  less is more.

Italian design and a clean timeless blend of materials, design, quality, and outdoor innovation come together in our Milo Extension Dining Table. The sophisticated form of the Milo is ideal for upscale dining and entertaining in the outdoors.

The Milo Dining Table combines perfectly with the matching dining chairs to create a flexible yet sturdy, modern but timeless dining set. The Milo features a classically smooth ceramic tabletop with an extra extension panel in order to extend the space up to 320cm.

Outdoor Lounge

Bring your romanticised, Italian waterfront dreams to life. Timeless textures and simplistic colours are at the forefront of southern Italian white rock beaches

The outdoor Moon Lounge Setting was born looking up at the sky, with its inspired backrest recalls the shape of a half moon. Lightness in the ropes braiding and the practicality of the aluminium structure are the characteristics of this sofa designed by Cristian Visentin.

Sophisticated and whimsical, the Moon Lounge Setting acts as the centerpiece for the Moon Collection. Sturdy yet elegant, the structure is in aluminium covered with a braiding of ropes in a synthetic fabric.

The Moon Collection was born through the inspiration of nature, presenting pieces rooted in a real and concrete vision that will not only decorate but animate your living space. OSMEN presents Italy in a collection that understands outdoor furniture should be just as livable as the indoors.

The key to Italian living is to showcase your beautiful alfresco environment, rather than taking up space. Romantic elegance and attention to detail are the distinctive elements of bringing your holidays to Sydney, so visit OSMEN’s Moore Park showroom and take your summer staycation now.