Bird's Nest Daybed

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Bird's Nest Daybed

Since the Bird’s Nest appeared in the market, a lot of Chinese people have received this product with the same passion as a tender mother’s love. For most of the Chinese, when they see the Collection it will remind them of the Bird’s Nest through its shape and form and associate it with nurturing and comfort. A motherbird needs to spend a lot of heart and soul to build a bird’s nest for her baby, in the same way, the craftsman of the Bird’s Nest collection has also given a lot of heart into making this beautiful product by hand weaving with wicker softened by hot water during the Winter. It is not only a stunningly gorgeous design but also a functional piece that can withstand the strong UV and seaside salty winds of the Australian climate. To take a lesson from an old Chinese saying, a good horse needs a good saddle to match; in a similar way, to upclass your home it needs a gorgeous high-end piece to match as well. 


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